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Whatever the season or weather, there is always something to do and see in this area, making it an ALL YEAR ROUND destination. Every season brings a captivating combination of adventure and culture. Within a small area, you will find rugged and majestic mountains, stunning golden beaches, both ancient and modern cities, and a calendar full of traditional festivals. Abruzzo is a land that fascinates and conquers, where the mountains coexist with the sea. Italians know Abruzzo as the region where you can visit the mountains in the morning and relax at the beach that same afternoon.

Abruzzo was voted number 5 in 'The World's Best Places to Live or Retire in 2016'.

House prices 

In Abruzzo, house prices are considerably lower than other parts of Italy, such as Tuscany and Umbria. This means that you will get a lot more for your money, enabling you to afford that extra piece of luxury and turning your dreams into reality.

The Adriatic coast of Abruzzo is famous within Italy as a popular holiday destination, with mile after mile of safe, golden sandy beaches. It is a unique and enviable coast. The beaches are clean, well-looked after, with many bars and restaurants. Windsurfing, fishing, diving and sailing are easily available.

Abruzzo offers the only stretch of European coastline with 7 seaside resorts in the same province - Teramo. To the north, bordering with Le Marche, you can enjoy the beautiful beaches of Martinsicuro.

Heading south, past popular and well-loved resorts such as Tortoreto and Roseto, you will reach Pineto, the most southerly resort in Teramo. Pineto is known for the beautiful shady pinewoods, which separate the beach from the town. It is an ideal family spot, as it is a quiet area, has a clear sea with a low tide and there are many play areas under the pines. It is a modern and fascinating beach area, ideal for those who love the calm of another era.

Abruzzo is known as the 'green region of Europe', with over a third of its surface protected. In the national parks, the uncontaminated landscape goes from excessive to majestic. At 2912m, Corno Grande, in the Gran Sasso range, is the highest of the Abruzzo mountains.

There are 17 ski resorts in the region. The ski season can continue until April and the slopes are said to be central Italy's finest. The rich and diverse range of ski resorts and pistes is ideal for keen sportsmen, beginners and families. As well as ski-ing, Abruzzo offers snowboarding, dog-sledding and cross-country ski-ing.

The close network of regional and state nature reserves ensure that the natural world of Abruzzo is well-protected and can be enjoyed by sport and nature lovers alike.

The Marsicano bear is the symbol of Abruzzo. Seeing this rare animal is a thrilling experience, though certainly not common. It is more usual instead to find traces of the brown bear’s presence, such as the tracks it leave in the earth or snow, or the large overturned rocks it moves in search of food.

The Abruzzo chamois is however easier to spot, with it’s exceptionally developed horns and beautifully coloured coat. Miraculously saved from extinction, the chamois is now colonising the main mountain areas.

The Apennine wolf is another important animal of the region. An interesting fact is that the wolf generally moves by placing all four paws in a single line, a characteristic certain to fascinate anyone who discovers the animals tracks. Other inhabitants of Abruzzo include wild boars, red deer and wild cats.

The Abruzzo region is a foodie's heaven, offering a wide range of food, from the hearty grilled meats of the mountain regions, down to the fresh seafood of the Adriatic coast. You can sample food that arrives directly from the pristine and uncontaminated mountains, lakes, hills and coast. Abruzzo has always been a land of great rural traditions, with a wide selection of flavours and aromas.

In the hills, you can enjoy a leisurely lunch at one of the many local family-owned restaurants, where the local Montepulciano d'Abruzzo and Trebbiano wines provide the perfect accompaniment to the freshest local produce, or head down to the coast to one of the many seafood restaurants overlooking the glittering blue Adriatic.

The wholesome cuisine is notable for the abundance and freshness of its products. Woods, pastures and fertile hills yield unforgettable food and drinks. The large number of chefs from Abruzzo who work worldwide, such as Aldo Zilli, is a mark of how important fine food is for this region.

This coastal and mountainous land has an amazing array of art and monuments to delight it’s visitors and residents alike. Some are well-known but there are dozens of less famous wonders all across Abruzzo, just waiting to be visited. Abruzzo’s heritage of castles is extensive in number and variety, making this region an outright permanent open-air museum of architecture.

Medieval churches in the middle of solitary plateaux, hermitages hidden in the nooks of mountains, impressive abbeys and daunting castles: Abruzzo’s many centuries of history is still visible, thanks to successful preservation of so many original characteristics.

Whether you wish to visit the national museum of archeology in Chieti to see the 6th century BC statue of the Warrior of Capestrano, or the Museum of Modern Art in Pescara, you are sure to find something of interest in this eclectic region of Italy.

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